During the hottest days of the year, proper attic ventilation reduces heat buildup. This reduces the effort of your HVAC system trying to regulate the temperature, thus cutting on cooling costs and extending the lifespan of the shingles. Here are two signs that show whether you need to improve the attic ventilation.

Proper Roof Ventilation demonstrated

Check Your Eaves and Roof

Look for attic vents and roof vents. If you don’t have vents, it is time to add them to improve ventilation. Ridge vents, soffit vents, insulation baffles, and gable vents are some of the things you can add for improving the overall ventilation of your house.

Pay Attention to a Hot Ceiling

If your ceiling is extremely hot, it means that the attic lacks proper ventilation, trapping warm air, which will raise your cooling bills, and possibly damage the shingles.

Tips to Improve Ventilation

To stop your ceiling from acting like a solar oven, install soffit vents in the eaves and roof venting near the peak of the roof. This way, air flows in through the soffit vents and out through the roof vents. These roof accessories come in various styles. Contact professional roofers to do the task for you. Ventilation can be accomplished using various products and techniques.

Ventilation is paramount for many things in the home. The comfort of you and your family, the life expectancy of the roof, and the performance of the heating and air conditioning systems can all be affected by the lack of ventilation throughout your house.

Get a Ventilation System from WestPro Roofing

If your house is getting uncomfortably hot, the problem may be in your attic. Our roof and attic ventilation system will get rid of the hot, humid air building up in your attic and replace it with cool, clean, fresh air. No fans, motors, or gimmicks needed. Lower your energy bills and stay cool this summer with energy-efficient roofing from WestPro.

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