It is easy to assess an EPDM Rubber Roof for repair. Look for loose patches on inside corners, outside corners, and around pipes. These areas can be quickly repaired, saving you from the high cost of re-roofing. If you don’t have an EPDM Roof yet, here is what you need to know about this roofing alternative.

What is an EPDM Roof?

EPDM is a versatile rubber roofing membrane that is perfect to waterproof your restaurant, bar decks or concrete pavers. This special rubber membrane lasts around 50 years and comes in both colors, black and white. In general, an adhesive is used to glue the roof to the roof deck, and a special tape is used to seal the seams. Here are some of the benefits of a properly installed EPDM Roof.

Damaged flat roof

Outstanding Durability

An EPDM roof is amazingly resistant to ozone, UV radiation, and harsh temperatures. This material is not only waterproof but fire resistant.

Convenient Installation

Since there is no use of flames or electricity in the installation process, an EPDM roof can be quickly installed compared to other types of roofs. Plus, this roofing alternative requires little maintenance.

Adaptability and Resistance

This roofing alternative is highly elastic (it elongates over 300% and stretch about 400%), which allows an EPDM roof to adapt to building movements in an assortment of climates. This makes them perfect to endure Colorado’s weather conditions.

Very Low Impact to the Environment

The rubber used to build this roof does not contain bitumen (a hazardous material), plus it is fully recyclable.

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