A roof deck is one of the most important roofing components. This structure supports the shingles, offers weather protection, and represents an additional line of defense against fire and leaks. A modern deck is made of plywood which serves to support the layers and the shingles on your roof, connecting it to the frame of the house. To determine if your roof deck is performing as it should, roof inspections are paramount.

When Do You Need to Re-Deck Your Roof?

Re-decking is the process of replacing your old roof deck. You would need to hire experts to service your roof when you have one of these two problems.

Rotten Decking

Spaced sheathing like this usually needs to be re-decked. Insurance adjusters tend to forget to check this area. Make them look in your attic!

Decks made of wood tend to bow, waterlog, and rot over time. If this is your case, re-decking is necessary. If the damage is concentrated in one spot, you may need only to replace a few sheets.

Space Decking

If your home has wooden shakes or shingles, chances are that it has an outed type of decking. Known as space decking, this roof base allows the air to flow between the shakes and ventilate your home. However, this structure no longer complies with the international building code. In case you want to upgrade your roof from old shakes or shingles to modern asphalt shingles, re-decking is recommended to bring your home up to code.

The best way to know the state of your roof decking is by hiring local roofers with a compelling reputation, like WestPro Roofing. We can help you understand why your home needs to be re-decked making sure your roof complies with the international building code.