James Hardie is a company that specializes in weather-resistant exteriors that are not only beautiful but very resistant to the elements for residential or commercial buildings. As you you might know, James Hardie’s Fiber Cement Siding is an industry-leading product, engineered for climate. James Hardie also has a house wrap, Weather Barrier HouseWrap, that stands out from other house wraps, adding to the strength of defense for your home. Let’s take a deeper look at these amazing products.

What is HardieWrap?

Hardiewrap® is a product manufactured by James Hardie that acts as a weather barrier for the siding of your home. It is a durable, highly breathable, non-perforated, and reflective safe-glare foil wall barrier. HardieWrap provides a better balance of water resistance and water vapor permeability, reducing water intrusion while releasing moisture vapor from inside to dry out the wall cavity.

Engineered for Any Climate

In order to be adaptable in various climates across the United States, James Hardie created a Weather Barrier product the meets the demands of regions of climates. The team at James Hardie has come to the conclusion that humidity and temperature are the most influential factors that affect weather barrier performance. The humidity and temperature differences across the United States, fall under two HardieZone® regions. Read on to learn more about the HardieWrap Weather Barrier and how it relates to your region of residence.

HZ5® Regions

Cold and wet climates are found in the Northern US. For this climate, James Hardie provides a 25-perm product. The HZ5® (labeled with the green logo) is a permeability level that helps to keep water out but allowing water vapor to escape.

HZ10® Regions

Contrary, in the Southern US the climates are hot and humid. For these characteristics, a 15-perm product is best for keeping humid air out, while still allowing water vapor to escape. The HZ10® is labeled black.

High-Quality Materials

HardieWrap Weather Barrier is an 11-mil thick sheet that provides better strength than other house wraps. It also contains a unique MicroTech™ coating that provides a better balance of water resistance and water vapor permeability. This means that water incursion is reduced while moisture vapor is released from inside to dry out the wall cavity. Plus, the HardieWrap® also delivers superior air resistance to minimize energy loss.


When you buy a Hardiewrap® weather barrier you will get the following components:

  • Weather Barrier: makes your siding resistant to harsh exterior conditions.
  • Pro-flashing and flex flashing: to prevent water intrusion.
  • Seam Tape: to cover small holes hindering air and water infiltration.

James Hardie triple shield protection


  • Engineered according to climate using HardieZone®
  • Improves thermal performance of walls
  • Lighter and easier to cut than many other foil wall barriers
  • Low flammability making it fire and bushfire resistant

The Benefits of HardieWrap

Besides protecting your home from external weather penetration, internal condensation accumulation, and heat intrusion, this amazing product also offers the below benefits relating to cost savings, energy efficiency and durability.

Save Money

A foil wall barrier should always be part of getting new siding in Colorado, regardless of the brand. However, many products in the market allow too much moisture into your walls and eventually will break down easily when the same moisture is trapped on the surface. If this is the case for siding on your home or building, a siding replacement may be required.

Optimizes Energy-Efficiency

When you combine this quality weather barrier with James Hardie fiber cement siding, it creates an amazingly robust cover against harsh exterior conditions. Plus, it also helps retain interior heat and optimizes your home's energy efficiency, saving energy costs.

Durable Through the Toughest Conditions

HardieWrap strikes the perfect balance between moisture retention and wind protection. Together with James Hardie fiber cement siding, it creates a barrier that protects your home from harsh exterior conditions. It also helps retain interior heat and optimizes your home’s energy efficiency, leading to savings on your energy costs. HardieWrap doesn’t lose its adhesion even under extreme temperatures. It contains no asphalts, VOCs, or solvents that can degrade adhesives over time. Even if siding installation gets delayed for any reason, the HardieWrap weather barrier can be left standing for the time being without any damaging effect. The HardieWrap product can be left unused and exposed under the sun for up to 180 days without losing its UV stability. It is a product that you can combine with James Hardie Fiber Cement siding that will leave your home protected for years to come with the reassurance that no matter where you live in Colorado, the conditions are no match for this industry-leading product. 

Now that you know the advantage of the James Hardie products, contact WestPro for your siding design and installation consultation. We are a company offering James Hardie products and installation in the area.