Home renovations can be stressful, especially if you live in a neighborhood with a homeowners association (HOA). Often, renovation projects in these communities require HOA approval.

Taking on an HOA exterior remodeling project, such as a roof replacement or siding installation, can be time consuming and add even more to your to-do list. Fortunately, the experts at WestPro have decades of experience navigating HOA renovations and we are happy to share our expertise with you.

What Is the Role of an HOA?

An HOA essentially serves as a governing body for the neighborhood. Their responsibilities include:

  • Maintaining Common Areas Within the Neighborhood: These can include places like community pools, walking trails. and entrance signs.
  • Preserving Property Values: One of the primary purposes of an HOA is to create an appealing community, which can make the neighborhood more attractive to home buyers. HOA’s do this by promoting cleanliness and creating guidelines that homeowners must follow when making changes to their properties.
  • Protecting Safety: Many HOA’s make safety a priority. This includes things like implementing neighborhood watch programs and maintaining well-lit pathways.

Things to Consider When Doing an HOA Roofing and Siding Project

When planning an HOA project, you will want to think about the following things:

  • Style: Just because you are working within HOA guidelines does not mean that you have to sacrifice style. There are ways to get your desired aesthetic while still complying with your HOA. With a trusted company like WestPro by your side, you get a team with a proven track record of helping customers do both.
  • Materials: Your HOA has an interest in ensuring that the materials you choose for your renovations are of the highest quality. At WestPro, we use only the best products from well-respected brands like James Hardie and GAF.

The HOA Approval Process

Most HOA’s will require approval for exterior renovation projects like roof and siding replacements. The steps you will take include:

  1. Reviewing the Rules: One of the first things you must do before starting your project is ensuring that you understand the guidelines and restrictions imposed by the HOA. You should thoroughly go over the rules prior to beginning any work.
  2. Submitting Required Documentation: Every HOA will have an application that homeowners need to complete. The purpose of this application is to gather necessary information about the work, including the nature of the renovation and the duration of the project. Sometimes, additional supporting documentation like city or county building permits will be required. If this all sounds like a headache, you may choose to work with an HOA remodeling company like WestPro that can handle these details for you.
  3. Waiting for a Final Decision: Once you have done your part, it’s a waiting game. If your request is denied, the response may include details about how to amend your application so that it can be approved. When you work with our team to prepare your HOA application, you are more likely to be approved the first time around.

Let WestPro Handle Your HOA Siding or Roofing Replacement Project

We strive to make the HOA renovation process hassle-free for our clients. If you need help navigating the ins and outs of HOA roofing and siding projects, we are happy to lend a hand. Here are some of the things we can take care of for you:

  • Obtaining HOA Approval
  • Obtaining City or County Building Permits
  • Material Management and Delivery
  • Removal of Debris and Old Materials

Reach out to get a free estimate for your HOA renovation and don’t forget that we can also help with windows, doors, and commercial remodels.