Knowing when to replace your gutter system, isn’t always straightforward. There are many things to look for and in this blog, we dive into what warrants a replacement of your gutters and how to go about getting the work done.

Gutters and downspouts are some of the most important functional elements on your home. They protect your property from rain and snowmelt, which reduces the risks of having extensive, expensive moisture-related problems. However, they are not indestructible and even well-maintained, high-quality gutters eventually wear and need to be replaced. That is why we have put together a list of the most common signs of wear and tear, so you know when it is time to replace your gutters.

Common Signs Of Wear and Tear

Broken or Loose Components

If you find broken fasteners or nails and screws on the ground, your gutters might be failing you. The fasteners hold your gutter to your roof and keep it level. While the nails and screws join the gutter to the fascia.

Replacing these important pieces is not difficult; but if the problem persists, it is a clear symptom of gutter wear.

Numerous Cracks, Holes, Or Rust Spots

Even though cracks or holes can be fixed by applying some sealant, if you see more than six sections where this is apparent, then it is best to get new gutters.

Peeling Exterior Paint

When gutters pull away from your roof, the water can run down over the rear edge or at the back of the gutter, making contact with your siding or trim. As a result, over time, you will see peeling paint.

Separated Gutters

The guttering systems only perform at their best if they are joined together in a continuous channel. If they begin separating from one another frequently, consider replacing them. And of course, if they are pulling away from the roof, it is a sure sign it is time to get new gutters.

Schedule Your Gutter Replacement

Should you need gutter replacement installation for your property, reach out to WestPro. We will thoroughly inspect your gutter system, evaluate its alignment, assess whether it is working properly, and provide you with the best solutions. To read more about the types of gutter replacement options we offer, click here.