Are your gutters leaking? Not keeping rain and snowmelt where it’s supposed to be? We recommend installing oversized downspouts for your home. Installing oversized gutters can reduce water damage, extend the longevity of the system, and they generally just perform better.

Reduces Water Damage

This is simply because bigger gutters along with its downspouts can carry almost double the amount of water. Plus, they have more capacity for debris. This leads to better protection from water damage without mentioning that your gutters won’t clog so easily, reducing maintenance efforts.

Extends the Longevity of the System

Extra-large downspouts, 3″x 4″ drain water two times faster than the smaller 2″x 3″ ones. This means that the time in which the gutters and the hanger system must bear the water weight is reduced. For instance, a 50-foot run of the gutter can hold over 800 lbs. of water when at full capacity. Getting this weight off the hanger system and off the wood that supports will automatically extend the longevity of the system.

Better Performance

Large gutters & downspouts work better than the standard 5-inch size when you have upper gutters draining into lower gutters and other intricate system layouts that cause an increased volume of water. So, if you have a larger roof or a roof with a pronounced steep pitch that makes the water run down a lot faster than larger gutters are a must to protect your home.

Need Oversized Downspouts for Your Colorado Home?

If you aren’t sure whether your home needs oversized downspouts or not, we will be more than happy to offer our free estimate and inspection; giving you the advice you need. We are a local and reliable contractor in your area. 

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