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Colorado’s Front Range is known to have a bout of severe hail storms each year that cause damage to thousands of roofs. We know, as a homeowner, that diagnosing a storm and knowing the condition of your home’s exterior takes is vital for ensuring your family stays safe.

We are here to help you navigate potential hail damage to your property with guidance on insurance claims and the process you should uphold for hail damage repair.

Insurance Claims Help

Have a questions about claims? Need guidance on steps to take regarding filing for a claim? We got you covered. Our Insurance Claim Guide is here to be your best friend through the process.

Insurance Claims at WestPro

What Your Roof Repair Should Entail

Installing Breathable Underlayment

Making sure your roofing contractor installs breathable underlayment is important. This roofing component is installed between the deck and the shingles. It plays a critical role on protecting your house against water intrusion and leaks.

Most underlayment used in modern homes is made of asphalt-saturated felt. This material has many good qualities and is easy to work with on almost any type of roof. Don’t accept cheap synthetics or tar paper.

We specifically use GAF FeltBuster for all underlayment needs for your roof repair or roof replacement.

Follow the Installation Specifications

Understanding the nailing and installation specifications of the shingle manufacturer is critical. Whether you choose to hire us or another contractor, strictly following both the shingle manufacturer instructions and local building codes and regulations is essential to guarantee a warranty applies and your installation is completed professionally.

Proper Ventilation

If your house does not have proper ventilation, your shingle warranty may be voided. Adequate ventilation along with quality insulation extends the life of your roof and saves money as you would not have to do as many repairs.

Put Your Trust In Us

If you suspect your roof may have been damaged in a hail storm and you are live in any community across Colorado’s Front Range, make sure to contact WestPro. We have provided our products and services to thousands of happy customers and know how to deal with insurance claims. All our installations are done with expertly trained crews and professional supervision to ensure the job is done right and to your 100% satisfaction.