Why Choose James Hardie Siding

It is no question that James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding is among the top siding products on the market today and will continue to be for years to come. But what makes it the right choice when it comes to your home? Keep reading, as we layout the benefits it can lend for your Colorado home.

Benefits of a Quality Siding Product and Installation

Beyond enhancing your home’s curb appeal, James Hardie siding protects your home from fire, rotting, insects and animals. This product is made of fiber cement, which makes it more durable and thicker (up to 5x thicker) than standard vinyl siding. Its unique design and materials make it very resistant to elements like the freezing temperatures during Colorado winters, as well as hail, rain, and wind. Plus, it gives homes years of protection with low maintenance.

Blue siding on a house

Lower Utility Bills

The type of siding on your home has a direct correlation to the cost of utilities to keep your home comfortable year-round. James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding along with being installed by a Certified Installer, like us, ensures you save time and money. The durableness and reflective properties James Hardie siding has wards off harsh sun rays. Plus, air infiltration into your home is minimized. As a result, your HVAC system doesn’t have to work harder when trying to regulate the temperatures throughout your house. Thus, helping lower the cost on power bills.

Building a Smarter and Stronger Home

James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding is a top-notch siding product, that exemplifies principles of building a smarter and stronger home. Read more about what James Hardie siding and trim products offer to homeowners.


Each James Hardie siding product is manufactured to fit the needs of homes and buildings, specific to a climate zone. More information can be found here. As a Colorado resident, the HardieZone® that covers our region is HZ5. The HZ5 products ensure that you get a product that will perform at its best in the regions climate.

HZ5 type of winter siding

Color That Lasts

With baked-on ColorPlus® Technology, the primer and paint coating process is baked onto the fiber cement panels prior to installation. The pre-painted version protects your colors from gradually fading, and offers greater resistance to chipping and cracking.

All James Hardie siding and trim products are available primed and ready for field painting. But when you invest in ColorPlus® Technology, you won’t just only get color that enhances your curb appeal, you’ll get color that lasts longer than a typical paint job.

Industry Leading Warranties

You can rest easy knowing that your siding is covered with the James Hardie warranty, that’s 100% coverage for 30 years. So you know all you need to know about James Hardie Warranties, click here.

Let’s Talk Siding

Whether you are ready to start your custom design consultationget a free quote or just speak to our team at (303) 834-9236; we are ready to help. We work with your to bring your vision to life with products and a budget to meet your needs.