Insurance Claims Guidance for Homeowners and Insurance Agencies

The first few hours after a storm are the most critical, and can be stressful for any homeowner. Easing the claims process for you and your insurance provider is where WestPro comes in. As a reputable roof replacement and roof repair contractor that offers insurance claim assistance, we share an overview of how our service can help you manage such stressful times as a homeowner and insurance provider.

Insurance Claims Guidance for Homeowners and Insurance Agencies

Steps To Take As a Homeowner

After making sure your family is safe after a storm passes your area, there are two calls you need to make. The first, is to a highly reputable contractor, like us. In case of severe roofing damage, you will need assistance with a roof repair or replacement service, as well as support in maneuvering a complicated process, that is insurance claims. We will need to perform an inspection before deeming the inclusion of your insurance provider appropriate. The sooner you call, the quicker we are able to be proactive, with getting your home inspection scheduled and can get you the information you need regarding your insurance coverage.

Below is a quick outline of steps to take prior to your scheduled roof inspection.

Steps to take prior to scheduling roof inspection

Why Work with Us?

One of the most common reasons why insurance claims get delayed is because of insufficient paperwork. An inexperienced roofing contractor may provide inaccurate documentation or may omit crucial information required by the insurance provider. When you work with WestPro, you can count on us to ensure completeness and accuracy when we write our assessment of your storm-damaged roof. The sooner the claims process gets started, the sooner you’re on your way to getting your roof repaired.

A crucial part of claims documentation is the quotation for the repair costs. At WestPro, we do not believe that storm repair work should involve short-term fixes, that will need to be redone when the next storm hits. The repair costs that we provide in our quotations feature high-quality materials backed by installations you can count on. You deserve peace of mind, that our products and service have extended the life of the affected roof, past the next storm.

We are your residential and commercial contractor, that has the talent and expertise to help troubleshoot our customers’ roof repairs and/or replacements. In addition, we are your trusted resource to assist with insurance claims. Give us a call at (303) 834-9236 or fill out our contact form to get the conversation started. We serve customers across Colorado’s Front Range.