Understand the Benefits to Starter Strip Shingles for Your Roof

GAF Starter Strip shingles are essential to a roof replacement being installed successfully. GAF Starter Strips include a high-quality, properly positioned adhesive that will tightly lock your shingles in place to help prevent shingle blow-off. They are an optional add-on, but we recommend them for your roof’s installation, as they help ensure weather resistance of the entire roofing system. The stater strips are installed at the eaves and rakes to aid in waterproofing your roof’s most vulnerable areas.

GAF, North America’s leading roofing manufacturer, offers four starter strip shingle products, each with exceptional features. As one of the premier local residential and commercial roofers, We know what makes each GAF starter strip worth pursuing; detailed below.

GAF StarterMatch

A cost-effective alternative to cut-up shingles, this product is eligible for a limited warranty when used in conjunction with a Lifetime Shingle. It mimics the color of the GAF Lifetime Designer Shingle next to it, providing an attractive finishing touch to your roof and ensuring visual harmony. Learn more about GAF StarterMatch

GAF QuickStart

If you want your roof replacement to be completed fast, this product is for you. As a peel-and-stick roll, QuickStart eliminates the need for cutting and fastening of starter strips without sacrificing reliability. It is compatible with a bevy of GAF shingles with exposure of six inches or less. Learn more about GAF QuickStart

GAF WeatherBlocker

Like other GAF starter strip products, WeatherBlocker features factory-applied Dura Grip™ Adhesive to seal the roof edges. Thanks to its perforated design, cutting on the roof is no longer necessary. Compared to ordinary 3-tab shingles, it has 42% more coverage per bundle. On top of being eligible for a limited warranty, it helps unlock enhanced wind coverage on many GAF shingles. Learn more about GAF WeatherBlocker

GAF Pro-Start

This option shares all the good things about WeatherBlocker, plus a coverage per bundle that is at least 50% more than typical 3-tab shingles. There is a significant plus to GAF Pro-Start Shingles; decreasing landfill waste by reducing shingle scraps to zero. As your local, certified roof repair and replacement installers, we stand by offering this product for durability and environmental efficiencies. Learn more about GAF Pro-Start

Consider your options with WestPro. We are here to help you choose the most suitable GAF starter strip shingle product for property. Call us at (303) 834-9236 to put your roofing replacement project for your Colorado home into motion.

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