Have a Gameplan

Your roof plays an integral role in your property’s structural integrity, energy efficiency, and security, so it is important that you treat your roof like an investment. Properly budgeting for a roof repair or roof replacement is also just as important, so you can anticipate expenses and know when it is the right time for you to get your project done.

Roof replacement in Breckenridge, CO
Roof replacement in Breckenridge, CO

Below is a list of items we suggest you follow, so you know exactly what your needs are for your home and what that looks like for your budget.

Outline All Costs

Do not make the mistake of focusing solely on the roofing materials themselves. Roofing components may account for the majority of your budget, but you should factor in enough funds for labor and permits as well. Material and installation costs will vary. Also, it is important to compare not only overall estimates but also your product options to see which deal offers the most value for your money. Contact us if you have questions about this, we be happy to provide you with an estimate.

Get a Detailed Estimate

As an experienced residential and commercial roofer, we know that a good estimate is a detailed one. We strive to provide estimates with the knowledge and insight that you need to make the right decision.

Have a Buffer for Contingencies

Ideally, you should allocate an extra 20% of the estimated job cost for contingencies.  This surplus will be used to cover any unanticipated additional work necessary to complete the job.

Sometimes, change orders are inevitable. Our expert staff and crews can often predict and prevent costly additions to your project, but it’s impossible to know everything that might come up when we remove the old roof.

Finalize Your Budget and Stick to It

Each home/job site is unique; therefore plans can change from the original game-plan that we work with you to establish. To avoid going over budget, we make sure to communicate the plan in advance, along with what you can expect for products, pricing and a timeline.

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