Flat roofs are a popular solution for commercial properties. We specialize in roof repairs and replacement installation services, specific for your commercial building. Flat roofs offer a great way to protect your property because they are cost-effective, easy to install, and ideal for solar panels to remain and properly function, over-top. However, they require regular maintenance as water tends to drain slower from flat roofs.

Flat roof on a commercial building

In this post, we discuss some common flat roof problems that occur without regular maintenance and how we can help.

Maintenance Tips for Your Flat Roof

Read on about what you should keep an eye out for, regarding maintenance of a flat roof.

Still Water

Standing water is the major cause of leaks in flat roofs. Water will begin to deteriorate your roof if it doesn’t properly drain or evaporate in 72 hours. In addition, snow and ice can block drains and gutters. This makes inspections during the winter and spring months crucial. Usually, the problem is caused by insufficient drainage or a very flat roof surface. Flat roofs should have a small slope so water drains effectively.


Trapped moisture on the roof can cause the membrane to detach from its lower layer, resulting in blisters. This issue only becomes worse in the summer as heat causes the blisters to expand. The cause of the moisture has to be identified when addressing blisters.

Exposed Layers

A flat roof’s protective layer naturally experiences wear and tear due to extreme weather and foot traffic. When it’s time for a roof repair or replacement, you can count on WestPro, Inc. Our team is trained and certified with different commercial roofing systems.

Thermal Cycling

Flat roofing materials can expand and contract due to repeated heating and cooling cycles. Work with us to choose materials flexible enough to handle constant temperature changes without cracking to prevent water infiltration.

Faulty Flashing

Flashing is used to stop water from entering a junction, while also connecting different components of the roof. A damaged or poorly installed flashing can cause leaks. Damage may be caused by contraction and expansion or fungus growth from moisture build-up in problem areas that make the flashing loose.

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