Summer 2022 is officially here and many Colorado homeowners are looking to refresh their homes. Home siding replacement projects continue to increase each year as many older homes become due for new siding and exterior remodeling. As this continues, exterior color and home siding trends continue to evolve and change as more homeowners continue perfecting their dream home. With these siding style trends homeowners can make smart siding style choices that provide a durable and timeless aesthetic.

Clean and Crisp: Modern Farmhouse

all white board and batten on large home fits the modern farmhouse home style trends for 2022

The pervading style trend for much of the country continues to be the modern farmhouse. This is characterized by a clean and crisp white exterior, typically in a board and batten look. While a modern trend, board and batten evokes nostalgia as a traditional style dating back over 200 years. This style was first popularized in America around 1845 but had been used previously in many European countries. Now, it is the go-to siding trend for many Colorado homeowners, as well as those around the country. Over the last few years we have installed this siding style for many of our siding customers around Boulder and Longmont, CO. As a James Hardie siding contractor, we achieve this look by installing James Hardie Board and Batten siding in arctic white with James Hardie arctic white HardieTrim. In fact, this siding style is a particular favorite of our WestPro company owner. 

"You don't need a big fancy house for this look to work. Its a great example of how new siding not only transforms the house but it makes other features of the property stand out. The grass looks greener, wood fences pop, and the property transforms."

- Patrick, WestPro Co-Owner

High Contrast: A New Take on Modern Farmhouse

As the modern farmhouse trend continues, many homeowners looking to stand out have turned to high contrast designs. Sticking with white siding, homeowners will opt for black accents, typically in the form of gutters or trim, to contrast their crisp white siding. Many homeowners will even choose to implement different styles of siding to continue elevating and modernizing the farmhouse trend.

Go Bold with Dark Exteriors

a black board and batten siding on a home in the woods fits the high contrast home style trends for 2022

Dramatic bold exteriors are making a comeback as more homeowners go for varying shades of black on their home siding. This exterior trend offers the drama of a bold exterior like fuchsia or bright blue but with a more sophisticated and modern style. Paired with natural wood elements, this style is a new favorite among Colorado homeowners.

Warm Up With Earth Tones

woodstock brown james hardie siding fits the earth tone home style trends for 2022
sage green and khaki colored siding fits the earth tone home style trends for 2022

Many of our Colorado homeowners along the front range are leaning into their beautiful natural surroundings with neutral earth toned siding. In contrast to the modern farmhouse, earthy neutrals can turn any home with a laid-back a warm and welcoming exterior. In fact, earthy neutrals is expected to be a major trend for homes, both inside and out.

Invest in Curb Appeal with Added Durability

Of course, many of these styles were traditionally made of wood. But wood siding is susceptible to moisture damage, vulnerable to insects and pests, and can be highly flammable. Just as trends evolve and change over time, so too do the products used to achieve these exterior styles. Products like fiber-cement siding allow for an almost identical aesthetic while increasing durability and reduced maintenance. James Hardie fiber-cement siding is built to look good, to keep out the elements, and built to last. Hardie siding is specifically engineered to withstand damage from moisture and rot. Additionally, because it’s not wood, OSB, or wood-composite siding, it offers little appeal to critters and termites. It is also a great non-combustible, fire resistant siding option. You can upgrade your home's exterior to one of these 2022 home style trends while investing in your home’s durability and  peace of mind.

As part of our siding design process at WestPro, we offer free design consultation because we know a siding upgrade is an investment in both durability and style. After a free inspection of your existing siding, your WestPro project consultation will create a 3D rendering of your home, so you can see different designs on your home before you buy. 

If you are in the Boulder or Denver area, and are interested in seeing James Hardie siding designs and ideas for your home, give WestPro a call for a free siding inspection and quote!