At WestPro, we have helped thousands of homeowners get new siding on their homes in the Boulder and Denver area. We recognize with projects of this size, like a full siding replacement, there can be a lot of uncertainty about how the project will go and how it all works. As a top rated Boulder County siding contractor, WestPro follows a proven process for determining siding costs and home siding replacement. We generally get a lot of the same questions from the homeowners we serve.

Process for new siding in Boulder County and frequently asked questions

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When a customer contacts us, whether it's for new siding in Lafayette or new siding in Allenspark, we like to follow the same process. A WestPro Project Consultant will come out to your home and meet you to do a free siding inspection. The goal of the inspection is to evaluate the useful life of the existing siding, determine if the siding should be repaired, or replaced.

After we inspect your siding, your WestPro Project Consultant will provide you with a free estimate for your new siding project. This estimate will include three siding options for your home as well as 3D designs of your home. This helps you visualize what your siding project will look like. Once you and your Project Consultant decide your best siding option, you will finalize your design decisions and sign a contract for your siding replacement.

You have hired WestPro to be your siding contractor. What Happens after I sign my contract?

Once your contract is signed, the WestPro production team will get started scheduling your siding project and getting all the necessary siding materials ordered. At this point, your siding project will be assigned a dedicated Production Scheduler and Construction Manager who will be your points of contact for the duration of the project. Before the team can get your project on the calendar, they will contact you to set up a pre-construction meeting.

Pre-Construction Meeting

We do this meeting at your home in order to confirm the materials needed for the job and finalize the plan for the project. At this meeting, your Construction Manager will perform some basic testing to inspect the material under your siding, called core-testing.

As a Boulder County siding contractor, we have found that core-testing your siding prior to starting work is the best practice for us, the siding contractor, and you, the homeowner. Core-testing allows us to get a snapshot of the condition of the material underneath your siding before we have removed all of the siding. This means, if we notice a need for new sheathing (outside the original scope of the project) we can notify you now, allow you the opportunity to approve additional charges, called change orders, and discuss solutions before we start work.

New Siding in Boulder County: Will there be any charges not included in the estimate?

Our Project Consultants will do their best to anticipate and estimate the costs to complete your new siding project. Of course, with every home renovation we sometimes get surprises under your siding. At the pre-construction meeting we try to eliminate as many surprises as possible. If additional charges do become necessary, your Construction Manager will take photos and provide you with a written change order to authorize before they proceed with any work.

New Siding in Boulder County: Do I need building permits?

No, we got this! WestPro has all required licenses and insurance and we will make sure that any applicable permits are pulled. If a permit is needed, the cost will be included in your final invoice. Depending on your city, there may be an additional inspection by the city once the project is completed.

A quick note about Building Codes as they relate to siding replacement in Boulder County. Siding materials are required to be non-combustible, meaning no part of the siding material or trim may ignite or burn when exposed to siding. This is why WestPro installs James Hardie Siding in Boulder County. James Hardie siding is primarily made from cement and silica, which are non-combustible, and naturally fire resistant materials for siding.

New Siding in Boulder County: Is material stored at my home? 

WestPro siding installer smiles and gives a thumbs up next to James Hardie siding at a Boulder County home

When you sign your contract, you will determine with your Project Consultant where the siding materials and dumpster can be delivered. Dumpsters and materials will be placed in the location specified on your siding contract. As such, when your project approaches, you can refer to your contract as you are making plans with your WestPro Construction Manager.

New Siding in Boulder County: Should I do anything to get my home ready? 

Short answer- absolutely! In addition to preparing your home for delivery of materials, there are a few things you can do inside and outside your home to help the project go smoothly. We suggest you remove any pictures or precariously hung items from the inside of your exterior walls. Please also remove or protect any personal items in the work area, including lawn furniture or grills. 

Can we have our pets in the backyard during the project? 

We cannot guarantee that any gates will remain closed during the project nor that the ground will be free of tools, wood, or nails. As such, we recommend and prefer that you keep children, pets, and yourself away from the construction areas, tools, and materials for the duration of the project. 

New Siding in Boulder County: Do I have to pay upfront for new siding

Like most siding Contractors, WestPro will collect a partial deposit prior to delivering the siding materials for your home. However, WestPro offers other affordable ways for homeowners to pay for new siding installation. The most common way that the homeowners we service pay for new siding, is by using our 0% interest financing, or low monthly payment plan. WestPro’s financing can make a siding project more affordable for homeowners. 

WestPro is a locally owned and operated siding contractor based in Longmont, Colorado. We take tremendous pride in the work we do to make our community beautiful. We will not ask for payment until we are proud of the work we have completed and have ensured you are 100% satisfied with the work. To this end, once the installation is complete, your Construction Manager will set a time to walk though and inspect the work (the Final Walkthrough).

This is your formal opportunity to review the project. If you or the Construction Manager identify any unsatisfactory details or items, your Construction Manager will create a punch list of any items the crew needs to remedy.  After the punch list and final walkthrough are complete, we will schedule any necessary final siding inspections with the city or local building department. Your final invoice will be sent from The WestPro Financial Controller, pictured here, and your siding warranty begins! 

WestPro is a home improvement and exterior remodeling contractor specializing in installation of new siding for homeowners in Boulder County. 

Hopefully we have answered all of your questions but we are more than happy to set up a free inspection and consultation or answer any questions you may have. 

If you are a homeowner in the Boulder, or Denver area, and are curious about the cost of siding replacement for your home, contact WestPro for a Free Siding Estimate.