WestPro is a Longmont Roofing Contractor specializing in shingle repairs and flat roof repairs. WestPro has completed hundreds of roof repairs in Longmont. Because of our experience in Longmont specifically, we have a strong understanding of Longmont Roofing Codes and how they uniquely apply to roof repairs in Longmont. If you have a home or building in Longmont, CO, and you believe that you may need roof repairs, then this article is for you.

Longmont Roof Repair Code

The City of Longmont, CO has adopted the 2021 Version of the International Building Code. Within that code, the City of Longmont has made certain code amendments that are specific to building and remodeling homes or structures within the City of Longmont, CO. The most important code amendment pertaining to roofing and roof repairs was implemented in 2012, and it is generally referred to as the ‘One Square Rule’. 

Chalk circles show hail damage to a roof in Longmont likely needing more than a roof repair

The Longmont ‘One Square Rule’ Roofing Code Amendment states that “if more that 100 square feet of roofing requires repair or replacement, then the entire roof must be replaced, not just the affected roof area or plane”.

What this means is that if a roof is damaged or leaking, and the repair area exceeds 100 square feet (1 Roofing Square) then a building permit is required to complete the repair. The code then requires that under such permitted work, the roof covering must be entirely replaced.

A Longmont Roofing Code summary is available from the City of Longmont Building Department.

Insurance Claims for Roofing and the ‘1 Square Rule’

The 1 Square rule has significant implications for insurance claims for roofing damage in the City of Longmont. In the event that wind or hail damages 100 Square Feet or more of roofing area, then, per the building code, the whole roof must be replaced. Although it may be mechanically possible to repair the damaged roof area, the City of Longmont code prohibits this.

Since most homeowner’s insurance policies contain coverage for Code Upgrades or Ordinance and Law Coverage, then the remaining section of the roof would be covered by an insurance claim in a situation where the ‘1 Square Rule’ applies. 

chaulk circles around hail damage on a shingle roof

Simply put, if your Longmont home has over 100 Square feet of damage from wind, hail, or other covered damage, and you have Code Coverage, your insurance company will likely pay for a whole new roof.  

This situation may sound very unique and specific, but as a Longmont roofing contractor, our staff at WestPro encounters this situation very frequently. It’s surprisingly common, especially after small hail storms or after periods of higher winds when many homeowners experience small amounts of roof damage.

What types of roofs in Longmont can be repaired?

Mechanically, any type of roofing in Longmont can be repaired. This includes asphalt shingles, metal roofing, concrete tile roofing, EPDM Rubber Roofing, PVC, and TPO Roofing.

However, any type of roof where the “repair area” could exceed 100 Square Feet will be subject to the Longmont ‘1 Square Rule’ described above. 

What is the cheapest way to complete roof repairs in Longmont?

Repairing a roof before a problem becomes worse is always important. However, repairing your roof quickly happens to be particularly important if your home is in Longmont. This is why it is critically important to provide regular roofing maintenance to avoid more costly repairs and replacement. This is important to keep in mind when considering roofing repairs, service and roof maintenance. Our advice is to get roof repairs completed quickly and keep the damage area minimized, to avoid exceeding 100 Square Foot conditions of the Longmont Code.

Basically, don’t ignore your roof problems

GAF Feltbuster is installed on a roof for a Longmont Roof Repair

How to know when a roof cannot be repaired, and needs to be replaced?

As a Longmont roofing company, our WestPro roofing inspectors frequently find two common circumstances where a roof cannot be repaired, and therefore, must be completely replaced. 

These are typically due to the roof either being too old and brittle to be repaired, or the roof repair area exceeds 100 Square Feet.

  1. Brittle Roof Surface

As roofs age, they become more brittle, making them more difficult to repair. Some roofs become so brittle or deteriorated that they cannot be repaired or serviced without causing additional damage. In other words, a roofer will do more harm than good while attempting to “fix” the roof. In these circumstances, a complete roof replacement would be required. This is most common with old asphalt shingles and old wood shake roofing.

  1. Large Repair Area (Exceeding 100 Square Feet)

If a roof leaks, or is damaged, and the repairable area exceeds 100 Square feet, it is likely repairable, as long as the roof surface is not too brittle or deteriorated. This is the case unless the home or building is in Longmont, or other municipality that restricts repairs over 100 Square Feet. In these cases, the roof would need to be entirely replaced in accordance with the building code, regardless of roof condition.

What to do if you need a roof repair in Longmont?

If you have a home or building that needs a roof repair in Longmont, then it’s important to keep in mind both the condition of the roof, and the size of the roof repair area.

Our advice is to get your roof inspected by a professional roofing contractor who is familiar with local Longmont Roofing Codes. That way, you have all the right information for how to properly maintain your roof in the most cost effective way possible. 

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