As a Home Improvement Contractor specializing in energy efficiency, we at WestPro are always looking for the best energy efficient upgrades our customers can use in their homes. 

This fall WestPro will be hard at work onboarding a lot of exciting new products for energy efficient upgrades just in time for the 2023 Season. To that end, WestPro is proud to announce our newest partnership with GAF Energy and ProVia Windows to bring the most cutting edge energy efficient upgrades to homeowners in the Boulder area.

WestPro has partnered with GAF Energy to offer GAF Timberline Solar Shingle Installations to the Boulder, CO area. Solar Shingle Installations will be available from WestPro in Boulder, Longmont, Denver, and surrounding areas as early as January of 2023. 

ProVia Windows and Doors will be available for installation in Boulder, Longmont, Denver, and surrounding areas served by WestPro. 

Energy Efficient Upgrades: Solar Energy in Boulder, Longmont, Denver, and surrounding areas.

According to the Colorado Energy Office, Colorado has multiple options for electric utilities. Specifically there are two investor-owned, for profit companies: Black HIlls Energy and Public Service Company of Colorado, known as Xcel Energy. Otherwise, Coloradans are also served by 29 municipal utilities and 22 rural electric cooperatives. Each of these services will have different ways of handling solar energy produced from Colorado homeowners. However, since Xcel energy is the primary provider of electricity for Boulder, Longmont, and the Denver metros, its important to look at how Xcel works with solar and how Xcel Energy’s policy changes will effect homeowners. 

Xcel Energy has recently announced their new Time of Use program which will have significant impacts on Boulder, Denver, and Longmont energy bills. This program will essentially have surge pricing. This means, energy prices will be higher or lower depending on the time of day. Specifically, there are three phases of Time of Use throughout the day: Off-Peak: 7pm to 1pm;  Mid-peak: 1:pm - 3pm; and On Peak: 3pm to 7pm. Weekends and holidays will have off-peak pricing. During peak hours prices can be 28 cents per kWh in the summer and 18 cents per kWh in the winter compared to 12 cents per kWh and 14 cents per kWh, respectively. The flip side of the program is that prices will drop to 11 cents per kWh during the off-peak hours and 14 in the winter and 19 in the summer for mid-peak. In order to measure each home’s energy usage, Xcel will be installing smart meters across Colorado. Xcel Energy plans to install their smart meters, “neighborhood by neighborhood throug the end of 2024.” (According to the Colorado Public Utilities Commission). 

To understand this better, say your bill is generally 12 cents per kWh and you use 700 kWh in a month. Currently, your bill will be $84 before taxes and additional fees. If you use the same amount of energy consistently across the day, your bill during the summer prices would increase to $101. Let say, instead, you use an 4th of your daily energy during peak hours (like running the air conditioner during the hottest part of the day), then your monthly energy bill would be $128. This is where solar comes in.                        

With the energy system as it is, Xcel offers net metering for customers that use solar panel on their home. When taking part in the Xcel net metering program, you get credit back from Xcel for excess energy generation on a bill when the panel generates more energy than the home consumed. You then get a payment for the excess energy or you can choose to apply it to future bills to offset energy consumption (for example, you capture excess energy in the summer and don’t use it so Xcel applies it to your account for the winter months where you do not generate enough energy for your home). Solar energy capture can either cover the cost of your energy bill as it captures energy or it can cover the cost of your bill year round. With the Time of Use program, the Solar Bank credits are worth the price of energy at the time of capture. Thus, you can capture energy during peak hours and either get credit for the cost at the time of capture or your credits will rollover, month-to-month, year-to-year for the Time of Use period in which it was generated. Solar energy capture in the Time of Use program not only avoids the surge pricing, you can benefit from it by providing much needed energy to the grid at high demand pricing. You can learn more about these and get in-depth examples here.

Energy Efficient Upgrade: GAF Energy Timberline Solar Shingles 

Understandably, more and more homeowners are turning to solar panels, either to cut costs, take advantage of tax incentives, or to go green. As this continues, we couldn’t help but wonder why panels are only ever placed on roofs. As a roofing contractor, WestPro has encountered a lot of solar panels and we have seen first hand that installing solar panels on a shingle roof can sometimes cause costly problems. While most solar panels will be installed correctly, bad installation practices or small mistakes can damage the roof. 

Traditional solar panel installation involves attaching the panel to your roof with nails. To secure the panels to your roof these nails are driven through the roof and into the attic or ceiling. As you can imagine, holes in your roof are not properly sealed or waterproofed, the holes could lead to leaks in your roof over time. With these leaks can come water damage and mold. Additionally, attaching the panels to your roof can cause damage to your shingles and could even void your warranty. 

After seeing all of these issues first-hand, WestPro is proud to be a part of the new GAF Energy program offering Timberline Solar Shingles. The Timberline Solar shingles are installed with the rest of the asphalt shingles, blending in seamlessly with your roof system. 

Facts about Solar Shingles

family members high five in front of home with new Timberline Solar shingles an nergy efficient upgrade

GAF Timberline Solar Shingle Specifications

  • 24% Efficiency Solar Cell 
  • More efficient per SQ/in than the Tesla Solar Shingle (Sorry Elon!)
  • Approximately 25% the cost of a Tesla Solar Shingle 
  • Impact Resistant Solar Panel up to 2” Hail
  • Qualifies for 30% Federal Tax Credit (Thanks Brandon!)
  • Guaranteed Output Warranty (Better than any other home solar product)
  • Installed by Handsome WestPro Roofers (Handsomeness not Guaranteed)

WestPro now installing ProVia Windows in Boulder and Longmont

As a Window Installation Company, WestPro places a high priority on only offering durable and energy efficient windows. With this in mind, WestPro only offers products built to withstand the Colorado climate. This means we can be pretty picky about the products we offer. If we wouldn’t put it on our moms house, then we won’t offer it to our customers. To this end, WestPro is incredibly excited to offer ProVia windows and ProVia doors. WestPro installs ProVia windows in the Boulder, CO area because ProVia windows are Energy Efficient, affordable, durable, and extremely customizable. We will offer three options for windows and front doors. For windows, WestPro will offer the ProVia Aeris Window, the ProVia Endure Window, and the ProVia EcoLite Window. 

ProVia Aeris Windows installed by WestPro

ProVia Aeris Window in a library in behind a pink chair

The ProVia Aeris Window is a great option for Colorado homeowners. The Aeris window offers the beauty of a wood window, with many custom options, and the durability and performance of a modern vinyl window. As a modern vinyl window, the Aeris window is made with Sunshield Vinyl, a specifically engineered compound for building product. Sunshield vinyl is made to withstand changing temperatures, UV light, and southern exposure, providing consistent color, weatherability, and durability. Built to last and built to look good, the Aeris window is uniquely designed with integrated real cherry, oak, or maple wood interior with vinyl exteriors. Aeris wood-clad windows also meet energy efficient standards and are Energy-Star certified for all regions of the United States. This means you can replace your old, drafty, wooden windows with beautiful windows that will save you money and energy. The Aeris window has premium efficiency with premium options. 

What to expect with your ProVia Aeris Window: 

Pre-Finished Real Oak, Cherry, or Maple Wood 

3 ¼” Frame Depth with Welded Frame and Sash Construction 

1” ComforTeach DLA-UV Insulated Glass Unit 

Neopor Insulation

Barrier-Fin and Bulb Seal Weatherstripping 

Extruded Aluminim Full Screen with BetterVue Fiberglass Mesh 

ProVia Endure Windows installed by WestPro 

The ProVia Endure Window is for homeowners looking for maximum efficiency at a more affordable price. The Endure window is also made of Sunshield vinyl, built to withstand the toughest weather extremes. As a more affordable option, the Endure Window has a vinyl interior offering many choices for customization. With an insulated frame and efficient glass, the Endure window also meets the energy efficient standards and are Energy-Star Certified. 

What to expect with your Endure Windows by WestPro

3 ¼” Frame Depth

3/4” ComforTeach DLA-UV Insulated Glass Unit 

Neopor Insulation

Barrier-Fin and Bulb Seal Weatherstripping 

Extruded Aluminim Screen Frame with BetterVue Fiberglass Mesh 

EcoLite Windows by WestPro 

For our homeowners looking for a great window at the best price, we are happy to offer the ProVia EcoLite Window. It is simple, economical, and efficient. The EcoLite window is a vinyl window replacement with white vinyl interior and exterior. While this window is not Energy Star rated for all climates, the EcoLite window is still made with SunShield vinyl, meaning the window is built to withstand UV light and southern exposure. 

What to expect with your EcoLite Windows by WestPro

3 ¼” Frame Depth with Welded Frame and Sash Construction 

White SunShield Vinyl

Dual, Barrier-Fin Weatherstripping 

Roll Formed Aluminum Screen Frame with BetterVue Fiberglass Mesh 

Home Energy Efficient Upgrades with WestPro

WestPro is very excited to offer these great energy efficient upgrades for our Boulder, Longmont, and Denver area neighbors. WestPro is a home improvement and exterior remodeling contractor specializing in roofing, siding, windows, and gutters. If you are a homeowner in the Boulder, Longmont, or Denver area and are curious about how you can improve your home energy efficiency, reach out to us, we’d love to chat!