WestPro Roofing now offers solar roofing for homes in Boulder, Longmont, Denver, & surrounding Colorado communities. WestPro is proud to be a certified installer of GAF Timberline Solar Shingles, the most cutting edge solar roofing product available in the United States. Unlike traditional solar panels that sit on top of the roof, Timberline Solar Shingles are a roof that powers your home. When properly planned and combined with a roof replacement project, GAF Timberline solar can be the most affordable solar option available for your roof.

Introducing Timberline Solar from GAF Energy 

The world’s first nailable solar shingle. Why not make your new roof a solar roof? WestPro offers Timberline Solar™ from GAF Energy, a roof that generates clean energy, looks great, and can pay you back over time as it powers your home (and reduces your electric bills!). This new solar roof boasts the world’s first nailable solar shingle, the Timberline Solar Energy Shingle™ (ES). The ES is assembled in the US, at GAF Energy’s stateside manufacturing plant. Timberline Solar™ protects like a roof and has solar energy built right in,with comparable warranty coverage to the leading roofing brand in North America, too.

WestPro Roofing is proud to be one of the first roofers in the country to sell and install this new solar roof technology. These shingles are innovative; but don’t just take our word for it. Timberline Solar has received three awards from the leading consumer technology association in the world, the CTA — including its highest honor at CES 2022, the Best of Innovation Award.

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The Best Solar Roof Option for Boulder, Colorado

In addition to winning the 2022 Consumer Electronics Show Best of innovation award, check out just a few of the other recognitions that GAF Timberline Solar has received.

2022 BIG Awards for Business winner, Green Product of the Year

Best in Biz Awards 2022: Gold in the Consumer Product of the Year category

Best in Biz Awards 2022: Silver in the Most Innovative Product of the Year - Consumer category

Good Housekeeping Home Renovation Award Winner

Best Solar Warranty in the Business

In addition to accolades and awards, GAF Timberline Solar shingles, when installed by a certified roofing contractor, can qualify for GAF System Plus, and Golden Pledge Warranty. This means that if your roof ever has any manufacturer related defects, GAF will repair or replace your roof. In addition to the warranty of the roofing itself, GAF Energy can also guarantee the energy performance of your solar shingles with their industry leading SolarMax Warranty. The GAF Energy SolarMax Warranty ensures that if your Timberline Solar Shingles are not producing the energy expected, GAF will reimburse you for underperformance of any solar output. The GAF Energy SolarMax Warranty includes a customized 25-year Solar Power Generation Warranty, 10 years of Electrical Workmanship Coverage, and 25 Years of Coverage for Power Electronics and Inverters. This makes the SolarMax Solar Warranty the best solar warranty in the industry. The SolarMax Warranty is backed by GAF and Standard industries, the largest roofing and waterproofing company in the world, with over 100 years in business.

Cost of Solar Roof in Boulder, Longmont, and Denver Colorado

The average cost of solar roofing and solar shingles for a homeowner in Boulder, Longmont, and Denver area is approximately $60 per square foot, plus associated roofing costs. The roof area not covered by solar shingles will be covered with matching roof shingles at a cost of approximately $7 per square foot. In total this means that a typical homeowner should expect to pay approximately $21- $25 per square foot for a completely installed solar shingle roofing system, before Federal tax credits and incentives.

The price of a solar roof in Colorado will also qualify for up to 30% Federal tax credit in accordance with the recently passed Inflation Reduction Act. This tax credit dramatically reduces the cost of a solar roof. For information about how to qualify you can read the federal government's guide to the solar tax credits. 

In addition to Federal tax credits, Boulder residents may be eligible for a sales and use tax rebate. The city may rebate approximately 15 percent of the city sales and use tax paid on materials and permits for the solar installation. To be eligible, taxpayers must file a rebate application within 12 months of the city's final inspection. For more information on how to qualify and apply, you can visit Boulder’s page on solar rebates.

A solar roof that powers your home will cost more than a traditional shingle roof, however this additional cost should be offset by the cost reduction of the home’s electricity bill. If your roof has good sunlight exposure, you should expect to offset most of the cost. This means that a well planned solar roof installation should pay for itself over time.

Most homeowners should expect to pay approximately $30,000 to $50,000 for a GAF Timberline Energy Shingle Roof. This cost would include the array that powers the home and the remainder of the roof, which is covered with GAF Timberline Solar HDZ Shingles. GAF Solar Timberline HDZ shingles are specifically designed to accompany the solar shingles and completely waterproof the home. The GAF HDZ Solar Shingles come in a variety of classic roof colors and are available in both Reflective COOL Series, and standard reflectivity options.

An advantage to pairing GAF COOL Series shingles with the power producing GAF Energy Shingle, is that the COOL Series reflective shingle will decrease the attic temperature of the home. This has two benefits to homeowners. First, a cooler attic means that the house requires less energy to keep it cool in the summer, which means cost savings and comfort for the homeowner. To learn more about proper roof ventilation, click here. Second, the GAF Timberline Solar shingles will produce more power when the temperature of the roof deck is kept as cool as possible. The more the attic temperature is reduced through reflectivity and roof ventilation, the harder your solar roof works for you and your home. This is why a Timberline Solar Roof, when properly installed with proper roof ventilation, and the option of a reflective roof can optimize the energy performance of the entire home. Now that's a smart roof!

Solar Roofing Costs can vary due to the size, roof pitch, and complexity of the solar shingle installation. The best way to learn the price of a solar roof is to get a free roofing estimate and solar analysis of your roof. As a licensed roofing contractor serving the Boulder and Denver area, WestPro Roofing can provide you with a free solar roof quote for your home.

Solar Roof Installation | How long does it take to install a solar roof?

GAF Timberline Solar shingles are the first nailable solar roofing shingle ever manufactured. That may not seem like a big deal, because to most homeowners, the installation technique of their roof isn't very exciting. But, as a roofing company, we know why a nailable solar shingle is such a big deal. Because Timberline Solar Shingles can be installed using common roofing tools, a typical solar roof can be installed in only 1-2 days. Compare this with the Tesla Roof, which takes 2-3 weeks just to install and costs tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars more than a Timberline Solar Roof from GAF Energy.

Elon Musk himself admitted publicly that when launching the Tesla Roof Program, they dramatically underestimated the amount of time and labor a complicated solar roof would require to install. Elon Musk also admitted that they did not realize the range of complexity of different roof shapes and styles. (Business Insider | Elon Musk said Tesla made 'significant mistakes' calculating how much its Solar Roof should cost, leading to massive price hikes.)

This explains why the price of Tesla Roofs we have seen have ranged from around $100,000 to almost $300,000, as Tesla's labor costs and installation timelines are unpredictable and expensive. As experienced roofers, this made us chuckle. We know that the roofs in any given neighborhood can vary wildly depending on the size, pitch, age of the home, and number of roof sides or facets. Maybe the folks over at Tesla should given WestPro Roofing a call. :)

How many Solar Shingles do I need to power my house?

To determine if your home is a good fit for solar roofing, the first step is to take a quick look at your property and answer a few basic questions. Do you have a large section or part of your roof that receives a lot of sun exposure? Ideally, you would have a large south facing section of your roof for more optimal solar performance. But- keep in mind that east and west facing elevations can still provide great solar output. The next question is do you have large trees around your house that block the sun for your roof. This may seem obvious to read, but if you have not considered solar panels or solar roofing, then you may have not considered this challenge. 

The next step is to gather together your energy bill with relevant electricity costs. This is available online from your power company. Ideally, you will want to know twelve months of historical energy usage in kWH (kilowatt hours). Your energy usage will typically be broken down by month and will show you your energy costs and your usage. When shopping for solar, you can gain an understanding of how much your solar roof could produce, and how much of your power bill you could offset or eliminate. 

At WestPro, we are happy to assist you with how to obtain your historical energy usage from your power company. We use this information to provide a complete solar roof proposal showing your projected power offset. In other words, we want to help you figure out how much money can you save by installing a solar roof as part of your roofing project.

Smart Meters | Time of Use Metering in Colorado

Xcel Energy, one of Colorado’s largest utility companies recently launched their ‘time of use metering program. Xcel Energy plans to transition all customers to the new time of use energy rate plan by 2025.

The outcome of the time of use metering will likely be increased energy costs for Colorado residents. To learn more about smart meters and how they may affect your energy bill, click on the link to Xcel energy: Time of Use Metering | Xcel Energy. With increasing electricity rates and prices associated with time of use metering, reducing energy bills with low cost, clean, solar power will become increasingly more attractive for Colorado residents.

WestPro Roofing is a GAF Solar Certified Contractor

As a professional roofing contractor, WestPro is a certified installer of Timberline Solar Shingles. Solar shingles are installed as part of the roof installation. Currently, GAF Timberline Solar cannot be added or retrofitted into an existing shingle roof. The most cost effective way to get a solar roof is to install a new roof and solar shingles as one project. If your roof is old, worn out, or your roof has wind or hail damage, it makes sense to consider a solar roof for your new roof.  

WestPro has completed hundreds of new roof installations and roof repairs in the Boulder and Denver Area, maintains an A+ with the Better Business Bureaus, has hundreds of 5 star reviews, and offers affordable financing options for your solar roofing project. 

How to get an estimate for a solar roof.

If your home is in Boulder, Longmont, or the Denver area, and are interested in pricing for a GAF solar roof for your home, contact WestPro for a free GAF solar roof estimate and proposal. 

  1. Contact WestPro Roofing or call 303-834-9236
  2. WestPro completes a free inspection of your roof to see if roof is ready for replacement.
  3. WestPro collects a copy of your power bill, (12 months of energy usage is ideal)
  4. In partnership with GAF Energy, WestPro will create a complete proposal to show you how much you can save by installing a GAF solar roof, compared to a regular shingle roof.
  5. Once you purchase your new GAF solar roof, WestPro will pull the roofing permit, arrange for material delivery, remove the old roof, and install your new solar roof in 1-3 days, depending on roof size. 
  6. GAF Energy Electricians will complete all necessary electrical work and hook up your new solar roof system to your local utility company. This includes your Electrical permit.
  7. Enjoy the savings and your new solar roof produces clean energy for your home!

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