As an exterior remodeling company in the Boulder, CO area, WestPro knows hailstorms are a big concern for customers. Even a small amount of hail damage can lead to major issues with moisture penetration and require roof repairs in the future.

It's always best to have the home checked out by a trained and certified exterior remodeler after a bad storm hits your neighborhood. This isn't always possible to do, so the next best thing is for you to check the property for hail damage.

How to Look for Hail Damage

The DIY check isn't a replacement for a professional roof inspection, especially as homeowners shouldn't attempt to go up on their roofs. You can still do a decent hail inspection without worrying about missing most signs of damage.

After a hailstorm, when the weather is clear, take the time to walk the property looking for any potential hail damage that needs repair, including:

  • Damage on the Ground: Hail can tear up the landscaping, ripping up leaves and destroying smaller plants. It can also put holes in fabric awnings and canopies, or destroy glass table tops and lawn furniture.
  • Visible Holes & Dents: A surefire sign of hail damage is an irregular pattern of dents and holes in siding, on gutters, and on roof shingles, which may be seen from the ground.
  • Loose Hanging Gutters: Particularly heavy hailstorms may pull the gutter system away from the house or simply fill up the gutters to overflowing. Take a peek inside the gutters or next to the downspouts right after a hailstorm to check for hail in the system.
  • Cracked & Damaged Shingles: In addition to holes or dents, the shingles can develop visible cracks where they were hit particularly hard by hail. The shingles may also lose their protective surface grit, which can be seen in the gutter system too.​

Get Started with a Free Roof Inspection for Hail Damage

If your home has some indicators of hail damage, it's vital that you seek a professional roof inspection in Boulder, CO. WestPro can set up an appointment by a local exterior remodeling expert to assess the condition of your property. We'll help determine if any of the following are needed:

Our team can also create free cost estimates for all storm damage repairs. Just give us a call or fill out our online form.