WestPro offers Fast Plank siding, which mimics the look of real wood but is constructed from high-quality aluminum. We have completed countless siding replacement services with our premium siding.

However, you may be curious about the advantages of installing Fast Plank over other options. This article will discuss the various benefits of this innovative siding product.

Various Design Options

Wood has been a timeless siding option that homeowners have picked for their properties. However, the maintenance required to keep real wood siding is often not worth the hassle.

Fast Plank helps remove this problem with a realistic wood appearance crafted from metal. Additionally, there are various stained and painted wood styles to select for your siding. 

Effective Weatherproofing 

As durable metal siding, the Fast Plank features help to protect your home from moisture damage. The siding has a built-in rain screen that helps. prevent water damage from affecting your property.

However, if you want to receive the best performance from your Fast Plank siding, you need to work with trained installers. The performance can be severely lacking if it's installed incorrectly.

Concealed Fasteners For Sleek Design

Do you want a sleek appearance for your home's siding? During the installation of Fast Plank siding, the fasteners are concealed and leave a smooth look for your siding.

A blemish-free exterior will create a modern appearance that transforms the look of your home. The quality fasteners offer lasting performance that can withstand harsh weather for decades. 

Long-Lasting Warranties

Fast Plank comes with a generous 20-year warranty that ensures you get the most from your new siding. The warranties ensure if there are any defects, they will be restored for your property.

WestPro also offers workmanship warranties to ensure the longevity of your siding replacement. A workmanship warranty ensures no cut corners or compromises are made during the siding service.

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