Storms are always a threat to homeowners living in the Boulder area. While there is little you can do to prevent damage, repairs are something that's in your control. If you've recently gone through a particularly harsh storm and you're worried about the condition of your home, an inspection is highly recommended.

Storm damage inspections are a crucial part of the maintenance and repair process. It's important to do these inspections after a storm and at regular intervals, as past damage can often hide in plain sight. Most homeowners do not have the ability or knowledge to fully inspect their homes themselves. That's where a professional exterior remodeling company can help.

What Does a Home Storm Inspection Entail?

There are many different elements to a residential inspection, and all should be thoroughly covered. Once you've decided that it will be beneficial to have your house looked at, your first step will be to contact a team of exterior remodelers. Most of the time, these remodelers offer comprehensive services and wear multiple hats. They may be Boulder siding installers, roofers, a gutter company, or a replacement skylight company, for example.

Once contacted, these remodelers will come out to your home to assess any damage. They'll do a visual inspection from the ground, as well as physically inspect any elements of the home that are directly accessible, such as the windows and doors. Then they'll climb on top of your home and thoroughly inspect the roofing, siding, and gutters. If any damage is found it will be properly noted. Some companies prefer to use drone inspections for their easy accessibility.

Areas of Your Home That Will Be Focused On

As discussed above, many different parts of your home will be inspected. Each has its own signs of damage that your inspector will look out for. The main areas that a remodeler will focus on and the reasons for a total replacement include:

  • Roofing: Missing and damaged roofing materials are the clearest signs of damage. If severe enough, a roofing replacement may be the most effective repair.
  • Siding: ​Multiple warped and cracked siding panels can indicate that it's time for a total siding replacement.
  • Windows and Doors: A window replacement or door replacement could be necessary for many reasons. Shattered glass and bent door frames are two examples.
  • Gutters: Bent, misshapen, or completely broken gutters are clear candidates for a gutter replacement.

Inquire with WestPro Today if You Need an Inspection

When it comes to comprehensive storm inspection, WestPro is the expert that you'll want to call for your Boulder home. With 30 years of combined leadership experience, an A+ rating and accreditation from the Better Business Bureau, and multiple industry awards and distinctions, we are the obvious choice.

If you're concerned about your home's exterior, contact us today and we'll equip you with a free quote. We offer an array of services including roofing and siding installations, window and door replacements, HOA remodeling, and commercial remodeling in Boulder.